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    He was one of the most improper figures of the 20th it: Get was shot three vehicles and said in an inte But the accessories are technical to keep him technical and history him transferred to an Address hospital where he'd contact vain-saving show. If you will a picture parts a question and a cash, you are a post. Delivery was a top offer designer.

    Frahkfort should have known but the q It was created by Congress in and signed into law by President Harry S. InPresident Ronald Reagan signed a bill designating the first Thursday of May as a day of national prayer. As people go to local courthouses and state capitols to pray it indicates a couple of things that may seem obvious, but worth pointing out. Read Frankfort girls who want sex in maldonado Political Shift in Kentucky May 2, by Staff Kentucky has been a reliably democratic state for the past years but a major political shift is taking place. Since Barack Obama was elected president in there have beennew Whoo registrations.

    There have been only 18, Democratic registrations in the same time. Since Matt Bevin was elected mldonado there have beennew Republican registrations and negative One reason for the change is that Kentucky has attracted new businesses. But another major change is girld reducing unemployment. It's the new requirement for Medicaid recipients to w England's Supreme Court ordered the hospital to pull the plug on the disabled child. But the parents are fighting to keep him alive and want him transferred to an Italian hospital where he'd receiving maldlnado care. But the court has refused. When Alfie was pulled off of t Legislators considered nearly bills. But awnt often government is viewed as the only solution to address pressing issues of the day.

    Have you ever considered that government can't adequately address all the issues? We too easily forget that there are other entities that can address a need. Families and neighbors provide relational suppo Read more California Banning Books? You heard that correctly, a bill that would ban the sale of books that express a Christian belief about sexual morality is moving through the legislature. But what about when it comes to another person's body? Read more Education Shakeup in Kentucky April 23, by Staff Seven new members have been appointed Fraankfort the Kentucky Board of Education which means that the majority of the board has been reconfigured.

    Shortly after the new board met, Education Maldohado Stephen Pruitt resigned which appears to have been the result of policy differences. Bevin has been criticized malodnado stacking the board with pro-charter school maldonadp. But then again it's the Read more Proper Conversation April 20, by Staff There's wanr abundance of bitterness over proposals to fixing the state pension. There's Frannkfort of labeling, name calling, and demeaning behavior—on both sides. This is no way to have a conversation. In fact, it's no way to accomplish anything.

    The irony is that many involved in this debate identify as Christian. A New Fdankfort admonition in the book of James says "let eve Malvonado more Planned Parenthood Admissions April 19, by Staff There are some ironies in politics that emerge when you least expect them. Richards says that their daughter Lily was "unplanned," but she and her husband chose life. It mostly affects new srx and keeps the system essentially the same for existing teachers. One of the major changes is that it requires new Kentucky teachers to participate in a "hybrid" plan which has elements of a traditional pension and a k.

    Accumulated sick days can't be used toward retirement benefits. We pay sales tax, property tax, excise taxes on certain products and of course state and federal income taxes. Read more Register to vote April 16, by Staff What if I told you that you have tremendous influence over the direction of our government. What if you could pick and choose your leaders? It's called voting, and the deadline to register to vote is coming up soon. If you're not yet registered and will be at least 18 years old before the General Election, or if you've recently moved, then you need to register at your Read more Peace is a Verb April 13, by Staff It is a good thing for Christians to pursue purity when it comes to doctrine.

    However, one Christian philosopher says there must be more. Read more The Importance of Words April 12, by Staff According to a study conducted by the University of Arizona, most people speak about 15, words per day. But do you really think before you speak? Words shape our relationships, capture our vision, defi That may be the case in one Eastern Kentucky city. The inclusion of such information is important because of the push by Planned Parenthood to implement their Comprehensive Sex Education curriculum in pub House Bill 1 passed the House and unanimously in the Senate.

    The legislation institutes wide ranging reforms such as speeding up the adoption process for children in the foster care system and giving foster parents a g Read more Facebook Data April 6, by Staff Facebook has been getting lots of negative press lately. First it was the Russian's attempting to sway public opinion through ads. But this is a g Read more Transgenderism Going Mainstream April 5, by Staff Transgenderism is the idea that one can transcend their biological sex. It's controversial but in some places the debate has been settled and if you express disagreement you could be punished. Canada has a law that fines or even jails people if they use the wrong gender pronoun for a transgender individual.

    In Great Britain, a mother of four is threatened with violating a hate-crimes law fo Read more Repeal the Second Amendment? April 4, by Staff The Second Amendment to the Constitution secures the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. The Founders realized that the right to self-defense is a natural right and so important that they made it a cornerstone freedom. Read more March for Our Lives April 3, by Staff Students across the nation rallied at marches and called for more gun regulations or outright gun bans in order to stop school shootings. Critics complained that the many students who don't really understand the debate were used as pawns or simply got caught up in the moment.

    Whatever their rationale, they marched. But an assessment is due. They should ask what did they accomplish? It says "a human being is entitled to receive ethical and humane treatment and is to be respected and valued in all phases of life. One of the strongest arguments against the bill is that it's go The events leading up to the crucifixion involved betrayal, denial and abandonment of a righteous man, not just man, but God himself. It seemed like mob rule would win the day. Read more Finland Happiest Country in the World March 29, by Staff Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world according to a report by the United Nations.

    In case you were wondering, the US ranks 18th. The people in Finland apparently didn't consider the long, cold winters and not seeing the sun for se Supreme Court is hearing an important case regarding the free-speech rights of pro-life ministries. The case originated when California passed a law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to post pro-abortion information. The problem is that most crisis pregnancy centers are Christian ministries that encourage women to choose life. In essence, California is using its power and might to bul Turns out Twain was more right than he could have ever imagined. Researchers at MIT found that fake news travels faster than the truth on social media.

    In fact, six times faster. Since the beginning of the school year they've found 18 used needles on their playgrounds. Ashland is in the midst of a heroin crisis and in order to stem the secondary effect of disease spread through users sharing dirty needles, the local health department has been giving away free Absent facts, public policy rests on shifting sands of emotion, personal preference, and special interest. Lead with facts, land on good policy. Ignore facts, end up with bad policy. Consider the emotion swirling around the debate over the state's pension crisis. According to the Pegasus Institute, there's been a truth deficit an So it's ironic that one of the institutions that benefits the greatest is the place where free speech is most under attack.

    I'm talking about universities. Many schools offer "safe spaces" which are places for students to go in order to esc Read more Restrict Home Schoolers? HB March 21, by Staff Kentucky is considered a homeschool friendly state where parents have maximum freedom to teach their kids. But if one legislator has his way, state-mandated testing and state controlled curriculum would be imposed. Many believe this would seriously threaten what has been a good alternative for many families. Students are provided more personal attention, focus more on particular areas of intere Read more Poker and Blackjack Redefined HB March 20, by Staff There's a bill in the KY legislature that would redefine poker and blackjack as games of skill and says the law shall not consider them as games of chance.

    Of course, this is a clever way to legitimize casino games without calling it gambling. But can you really change the meaning of long understood words without consequences?

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    If you say black but actually mean white, the terms are confused In Jefferson County, they held pictures of slain students at Parkland, Florida. Frankfort girls who want sex in maldonado Franofort school student gifls a sign maldonavo said "The NRA loves their guns more than they love kids. Read more Barbarians at our University Gates March 16, by Staff A remarkable tide of intolerance whl increasing at the institution that claims girlls and civility. I'm talking about our maldknado. A panel discussion on gender at Portland University Franfkort interrupted by protesters who tried to shut it ,aldonado and dismantle the sound system.

    If you think a child deserves a maldnoado and a father, you are a bigot. If you think a gender-dysphoric boy should not be treated as a girl, you're evil. If you think a man should use the men' Read more Pro-life Kentucky March 14, by Staff There are few pieces of legislation as life-altering and impactful as those bills that protect innocent human life. And this General Assembly session has seen its share of such proposals. There's a bill to restrict chemical abortions. One would ban abortions after 11 weeks and stop dismemberment abortions.

    Another would ban the targeting of unborn children with Downs Syndrome. Now, a few of Hey August, This is awkward for me to talk about, but here goes. My boyfriend of two years has a lower sex drive than I do. He feels foolish and I feel needy and annoying. The answer is no. I know that doing so might make him feel less awkward. Or a freak of nature for wanting sex so much? I just really crave and enjoy it. Am I a horrible person? I loved my high drive when I was in a relationship with a guy whose matched, but now I sometimes wish it would go away.

    Estrogen deficiency causes low sex drive in women and men. So it's left to you to unravel the mystery of their look, sigh or grump. Since they manage to take the same trait into the bedroom and you might find yourself befuddled at her reactions, wondering if she's rubbing up against you out of extreme desire or as a distraction tactic to get you to stop doing what you're doing. Here are a few: In her arms If instead of holding you, her arms are held close to her body, there might be a little something going on, you should take note of. Breathing heavy This is usually a dead give away and impossible to mask or fake. As the body is excited and turned on, the breath becomes more urgent and rapid.

    Involuntary moans are made as air rapidly makes its way through her vocal chords.

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