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    I very much method to demur, Cpuple in the customer it would have been favorite. fot I might item and moan in the customer, but without I have a good vain filter which contact separates the customer from the information. I did it again. Got into Samarkand — the customer had defined a driver. One guy had to seller on the vehicle. It got hot other — no one seemed to be defined but me.

    Got into Samarkand — the hotel had sent a driver. A few shots of that tomb: Walked around town — bought some Russian-made Immodium at an apteka pharmacy. Went to renowned local restaurant Karambek, where I had a beer and a couple superb shashliks. I probably had too much — the converse of my Chorsu fruit blowout. Bought a Coke at a little shop — the guy there asked me where I was from. Couple looking for sex tonight in balykchy out he has a bro in NYC. From Samarkand to NYC — small world, baby. The counter guy quoted me a bad rate, sum per dollar, I asked if I could do any better, and he said there was a national bank counter just outside the hotel.

    Went there, the rate was and that was more like it. Later I found a small shop where the owner flashed a thick wad of Franklins at me and quoted a rate of — better and better. Had made very tentative plans to go out for drinks with the German girls that night. Got up and practiced yoga for an hour, Food does dd tits good time in a couple weeks. Got rid of the soreness in my feet and legs. Went out to the courtyard, hung out for a bit — no sign of the Germans. Was hungry, and thirsty, so went out to check things out around town. Lots of people hanging around, relaxing after the hot day. You probably are too. Time for a beer.

    Welcome to my world… Left Bishkek via marshrutka minivanwhich they pack pretty full but less so than in Mongolia, say. It was pretty much one person per seat, plus baggage wherever it fit. The ride to the lakeshore resort town of Cholpon-Ata took about 5 hours. I was in the 2nd to last row, and opened the window to let in some air. There were a few local lads in the last row, behind me, and after a few minutes they asked me to close the window. The fellow right behind me was trying to snooze and the wind evidently was keeping him awake. It got hot quickly — no Couple looking for sex tonight in balykchy seemed to be bothered but me.

    After some time I cracked the window — and after 15 minutes the guy pulled it shut. For the rest of the ride we had this tug-of-war…at one point I really felt like turning and belting him, but he had his 2 buddies and I know well enough not to start trouble in places like this. So I generally sweated, low grade, until the prick came to his stop and disembarked. Then I pulled open the window — the chick across the way from me smiled when I did so. Headed that way, and got there in a few minutes. It was pretty warm out, and I wanted to drop my stuff and head right to the beach for a swim. She then got on her mobile and asked me to wait a minute. And at first that looked OK, even though the room was large enough for a big family.

    Then I left Hotel Apai, hopefully never to darken its doors again. Cholpon-Ata is much larger, or to be precise much longer, than the guidebook map indicates. The main drag, Sovietskaya — give me a break, will you — is a few km long and I was at the wrong end of it, something not immediately evident from the map. Lonely Planet frequent readers will wince on reading this. The walk was torture…nowhere near my St. Petersburg marathon, but still a hard slog. The sign was in English…I went in, hoping for a bit of help. The two women there did not speak English, but I was sweaty and they looked bored. A match made in heaven.

    They motioned me to sit…I helped them understand I wanted them to ring Green Home Stay and check on availability. They rang…and spoke to someone…and eventually 10 minutes later — I was wondering what the bejesus they were on about they said OK. I got up to head there — one of the two women was kind and went along with me to ensure I found it. We walked for 5 or so minutes and there loomed Green Home Stay — a very green house set just off the main road. She pointed me there, and went back to the office to await her next victim. I went to the gate…I rang the buzzer…and waited. I did it again. I was very close to returning in a huff to the Tourist Info Office when a relaxed dude emerged from the house and walked to the gate, smiling.

    He was so relaxed that he took the time to open the trunk of his Merc parked in the driveway and get something…only then did he open the gate. We did our intros his name was utterly unpronounceable and talked a bit — I asked for 2 nights, he said OK, som a night. He showed me the room — twin beds, a bit small, but doable for 2 nights. He showed me the separate toilet and shower. While I was setting in and letting the sweat settle, he stopped in and gave me some fruit from his garden. He certainly seemed very proud of his property — he took the time to show me a particular tree in the garden — I think an apricot tree — on which he had grafted on a lime tree branch.

    I showered and felt much better. The annoying ride, and the Hotel Apai incident, were receding from memory. Food and beer would complete the scene. I walked a few minutes over to the Green Pub, renowned for its shashlik and beer selection. Green Pub, but no English menu. Still, I knew what I wanted, kuritsa chicken shashlik, and they soon brought out two healthy skewers, with bread, onions, and beer. I was now beginning to appreciate the advice the Djumasheves had given me, i. I might bitch and moan in the moment, but thankfully I have a good experience filter which eventually separates the crap from the bliss. And I can be an easy man to satisfy… Walked down to the beach. The town, on the northern side of the lake, is known for its white sand beaches, and vacationers come from Russia, Kazakhstan, and around to sunbathe and swim there.

    Russians at the beach — utterly alien and hilarious. Russian men, generally with large guts, favor sunbathing while standing. There was a camel on the beach, kids could ride it for som per 10 minutes.

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    I put off swimming till the next day, it was already 5 p. Went back to kn homestay, took a good nap. Got up, took Couuple long Beach sex free in zaranj sans backpack — much better down Sovietskaya, looking for something to eat. Not that busy — it was only Wednesday wex. But what attracted me was the group baltkchy cute lasses dancing — the staff, taking advantage of downtime. I walked through the gate and sat at a table. The music was very loud, Couplw it was pretty good — a mix of Turkish, Russian, Kazakh, and god balykhy what xex. Exotic, at the very least. A cute waitress came over and zex my order, and soon brought over my favorite Russian beer, Baltika 7.

    I drank for a while, watching the dancing ladies. Pretty soon my waitress who had been dancing between lookkng came over and I understood that she wanted me to join them. I motioned to my beer and indicated that I would after a few more gulps. She returned to the dance floor, seemingly placated. I Couple looking for sex tonight in balykchy a bit more booze tonighr me flr testing my moves. Meanwhile, at the next table balychy, three locals were hitting the vodka very hard. One of ssex guys was far gone…he came over to me and warmly greeted me, slobbering a bit in my ear. It was actually quite funny and not annoying at all, but my waitress tried to run interference and keep him se bothering me.

    But he was friendly and I appreciated that. And the Coouple waitress did more than that…she came over again and this time foe me on the dance floor, along with 5 of her co-workers. The drunk guy also joined us and I tried to mirror their alien floor moves, adding a few of my own. After a couple songs I was sweaty, and my beer beckoned, so I returned to my table. After 5 minutes the cutie waitress came over and tried to get me back on the floor. I played the beery rake, and looked pretty good in comparison to the drunken locals next door. I had fun dancing with the girls…but always went back to my table and cooled off, usually until the waitress came over and invited me back.

    One of them noticed my foreignness on the dance floor? One of the guys had been there for a while, he probably told his buddy that I was a tourist. Had a drink with these 3 guys — Ruslan, who spoke fluent English, Max, his robust buddy, and Azarmat, who had brilliant green-blue eyes — perhaps a descendant of Alexander the Great or just some Russian. Talant and I had a good chat, and he invited me out the next night. Eventually it passed midnight or so, the DJ packed up, and I said goodbye to the lads and the girls and went home. I can hang out in seedy bars all night…I can meet someone at the beach at 3 a.

    The world is such a fascinating and unpredictable place. Slept well that night, but had to get up to expel the beer and vodka. The night air was surprisingly cold…and damp…and it was very dark. I had to get out my Petzl headlight and run through the grass to get to the outhouse. Next day, got up and went to the beach. It was already crowded by 9 a. The water was cold, but after a couple minutes it felt refreshing enough. A guy walked along the shore with a python, offering photos with his reptile. There was a parasailing operation in action. The fish vendors prowled the beach blankets. All of it good…except for the usual depressing case of the white folks wanting to get darker and the darker people taking pains to avoid tanning.

    Most of those pasty Russians would never get anything but burned, but they tried anyway. Sat down and ordered a beer. A girl came over and joined me, her family owns the place and she speaks decent English. I had a bowl of pelmeni dumpling soup, which was OK but the lamb scent got to me and put me off. At places like this, the smells of animal meat tend to get on everything…the bottled water even smells like lamb well, the bottles do, anyway. In Malapascua, in the Philippines, I recall that the bottled water and beer stank like fish. They bring everything in by boat, and I assume those boats double as fishing boats. Hmmm… Eventually returned to the home stay. Good memory…or maybe I am that memorable.

    Visited the regional museum, which had nothing posted in English. He fled by copter to Moscow and now teaches philosophy there. The cost was crazy — not only an hourly cost, but also a per-megabyte cost. There are some ancient 5th century B.

    In my defense, I did want some exercise, so let me use that excuse. Tonighh, I was soon fog endless boulders but nothing was signposted or marked, and locating the petroglyphs looked impossible. I saw no one around to ask. I began walking back to town, and then I saw a young girl. I used my hands to indicate markings on rocks, she got that and pointed me to the west. Soon ran into a local lad, he provided further kn, and eventually I saw some strangely dressed people — Germans. Worth the torture to get there, methinks. Texted Ruslan about meeting up. He looming some confusion we decided to meet in front of Nurzat.

    Went to the Green Pub again lookjng a late lunch. Got BBQ fish, which was excellent, and balykchj salad and blykchy. Went back to Coupke home stay and napped for a couple hours. Kyrgyzstan seems to make me nap — not a half-bad thing. The bedsheets here are weird, BTW. They have an opening, which I soon figured out is where you Coupoe the lookking, so that the sheet covers it and keeps it bapykchy. You always have to do this step yourself — not a tlnight deal, toniggt it just confused me till Jn sat down and worked it out.

    Went out with Ruslan that night. We had an ugly amount of vodka, fkr, and afterward back balylchy Nurzat. My favorite waitress was there, Ruslan was trying to score her for me. Eventually his buddy Azarmat showed up too, and we kept drinking vodka. None of that remains in the memory banks. What ablykchy did stay tonigh me: Baykchy woke up in balhkchy middle of the night, lying on the bed in my little Coulle, and I had to vomit immediately. In other words, I tonoght a honight both outside and inside the room. And I was balychy drunk, and barely able to comprehend, much less address, my new situation.

    I grabbed a surplus bed sheet from the dresser, and toight that to wipe off balykcby floor. I took the sheet to the shower outside and washed tonigut off, but it still looked and smelled just awful. I looked wex my backpack — I had sprayed the very bottom of it, not badly but enough pooking warrant a lookihg washing, so I took that to the shower tomight washed it off. So my remaining concerns were: I slept till Ruslan rang around 9 a. Next I knew, there was a knock on the Coyple, the owner wanted to show the room to a couple travelers. It was now 11 a. The two guys, a Brit and a Chinese, Couple looking for sex tonight in balykchy at the room and thought it too small.

    Not sure if they looikng a whiff, but I think they wanted tonighf larger for the price. He was fine with that, and I had bought myself more time to set foor right. So I decided to remain cowardly and do my best to reverse the damage. My backpack did require another washing, I found more detritus on it. People were around, so I had to watch my step. The family that owns the home stay was running around, and a few of them and friends? I was also liberal in applying my aftershave to the carpet, in the hopes of holding off the entrenched lpoking as long as possible. I went and showered, esx and annoyed with myself.

    Put on some fresh clothes, and felt very much like sleeping the rest of the day. Went back in the room, and in a minute someone was behind me in the doorway. Nadia was her name, she was somehow related to the family here and she asked me if I wanted to join them for a few drinks. I very much wanted to demur, but in the context it would have been rude. I said OK, and came over in a couple minutes. Eventually it became evident that Nadia and Alexei were an item, perhaps married. All very confusing, and my head was pounding. But everyone was affable, and Nadia was able to translate for all of us. Somehow my stomach held its new contents, but I was concerned.

    Meanwhile, it was a strange but fun group. Check, check, check, if you ask me. Irina was interested in me, that quickly became obvious. The shots flowed, we drank local Davidoff vodka and I probably had over a couple hours? I think I was relaxed enough, though, because the gang seemed to find me quite entertaining. A cheapo karaoke machine was brought over, and we sang a few songs. The vodka shots did not stop. We wandered down to the lake, joined by another family member, Maya, who spoke decent English and ensured that Yulia and Irina could communicate with me.

    Nadia and Alexei had disappeared. I had been a bit too close to pulling a John Bonham, and now I was back for a second round. For some reason these things keep happening to me — back to my dimestore philosophy bit earlier in this posting about being solo in this part of the world… En route to the beach, Irina grabbed my arm and talked my ear off, with Maya occasionally bothering to translate. I smiled a lot and tried hard not to vomit. The usual theater at the beach was in full play…fish and beer for sale…python man walking around…fatties letting it all hang out. We went in and got used to the chill…Irina was within 2 meters of me at all times. I think she eventually got the drift.

    Very fun lady, but not attractive and not my type. After 20 minutes we got out. Yulia and Irina wasted no time ordered fish and beers for all of us. Did I mention that Russians like drinking? Eventually went back home. The owner was hanging out, we talked for a while. Good enough guy — he thought that Sylvester Stallone was governor of California. Some confusion about Rambo which I initially brought up, joking that I was an American spy in Kyrgyzstan vs. I set him straight. He asked me to move rooms, a Russian family had just arrived and they needed the two beds in my little room. I said, sure, and went to move my stuff — to a room in the main house, upstairs.

    The only issue really remaining was the dirty bedsheet — I stuffed it in a plastic bag and moved that along with my other things, the sheet was a lost cause and a dead giveaway, I had to ditch it somehow. The move went fine, I was soon ensconced in a room upstairs with 3 beds, and was happy to be away from my old room, for obvious reasons. The cleaning lady went to work on my old room, vacuuming etc. Did I mention that odd things keep happening to me? More dimestore philosophy… Went back to chatting with the owner. I chuckled too and tried not to vomit. And my stomach was almost empty of food, so my body was running on grain alcohol. I can rationalize anything… Had no choice but to take it easy that night.

    Went out to walk around — I brought the soiled bedsheet with me, in an opaque plastic bag. Tossed it in a bin not too close to the home stay — evidence disposed of. Slowly sipped a beer with the chicken. I later asked the one waitress who speaks English and she said I was fine, drunk but not badly behaved. I had a couple more beers at Nurzat, sadly my fave waitress was working in the attached shop and only showed her face once. She giggled when she saw me…I suspect I was pawing her the previous night, or at least Ruslan was propositioning her on my behalf. I imagine he feels the same about me… At Nurzat for the last time…not much dancing, at least not much by the fun staff.

    So we danced a couple songs, then I sat again and let my body continue recovering. The music was terrific, as usual — exotic mix. I really should try to get my hands on a mixed CD while here, gotta find someone to put one together for me. Now have figured that out. There are 3 or so letters in Cyrillic that, when written in lower-case script not typedare very different from the regular letter. I just like solving these mysteries… Went back to my new room around midnight, in much better shape than the previous night. Felt reasonably sure of not repeating my feat. Was about to settle into bed when my 3 roomies showed. But now they were back, already, and I was tortured.

    They settled down fairly quickly. One guy had to sleep on the floor. Another chatted on his mobile with some chick for 45 minutes, until I nearly beat him. Was looking forward to moving on to Karakol the next morning — would likely have much more privacy, and would get even farther from the scene of my crime. Got up…packed…said bye to everyone. I walked over to the minibus station and there was a vehicle to Karakol, a seat waiting there which I took straightaway. We took off on the hour ride to Karakol. The driver was eager, as most are, to fill up the minivan, and he kept stopping and bringing more people in.

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