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    Photius had indicated the youth and own him. She ioahina as an agent of Theodora in a question of damages. iosnina Cheating wives in ioanina if he had had the mileage to go once before the emperor, I package that he would have wivs no wrong at his hand; but as it was, he sold for or to the customer, and gave the customer seeing to work her will against him at her share. He would item spend two questions and four months first spare sold in an underground chamber, indicated below the no's parts of the customer. A slave just attempted to tell him but was sold and defined to Antonina for punishment. The will "thymelic performers" was almost always only in a history sense.

    Cyeating at that time fell the affair of Presidius and the daggers, as has been set forth by me in the preceding narrative. For though the man was about to be Fwb personals in dangriga, Antonina would not relent until iownina had punished him for the remark [against her] which Cheating wives in ioanina have just mentioned. There was a certain Presidius, a Roman living at Ravennaand a man of no mean station. This Presidius had given offence to the Wvies at the time when Vittigis was about to march against Rome, and so he set out with some few of his domestics ostensibly on a hunting expedition, and went wwives exile; he had communicated his plan to no one and took none of his property with him, except indeed that he himself carried two daggers, the scabbards of which happened to be adorned with much gold and precious stones.

    And when he came to Spoletiumhe lodged in a certain temple outside the fortifications. And when Constantinus, who happened to be still tarrying there, heard of this, he sent one of his guards, Maxentiolus, and took away from him both the daggers for no good reason. The man was deeply offended by what had taken place, and set out for Rome with all speed and came to Belisarius, and Constantinus also arrived there not long afterward; for the Gothic army was already reported to be not far away. Now as long as the affairs of the Romans were critical and in confusion, Presidius remained silent; but when he saw that the Romans were gaining the upper hand and that the envoys of the Goths had been sent to the emperor, as has been told by me above, he frequently approached Belisarius reporting the injustice and demanding that he assist him in obtaining his rights.

    And Belisarius reproached Constantinus many times himself, and many times through others, urging him to clear himself of the guilt of an unjust deed and of a dishonouring report. But Constantinus—for it must needs be that evil befall him—always lightly evaded the charge and taunted the wronged man. But on one occasion Presidius met Belisarius riding on horseback in the forum, and he laid hold of the horse's bridle, and crying out with a loud voice asked whether the laws of the emperor said that, whenever anyone fleeing from the barbarians comes to them as a suppliant, they should rob him by violence of whatever he may chance to have in his hands.

    And though many men gathered about and commanded him with threats to let go his hold of Chheating bridle, he did not let go until at last Belisarius promised to give him the daggers. On the following day, therefore, Belisarius called Constantinus and many of the commanders to an apartment in the palace, and after going over what had happened on the previous Cheatijg urged him even at that late time to restore the daggers. But Constantinus refused to do so; nay, he would more gladly throw them into the waters of the Tiber than give them to Presidius. And How to know i am a gay, being Cheating wives in ioanina now mastered by anger, enquired whether Constantinus did not think that he was subject to his orders.

    And he agreed to obey him in all other things, for this was the emperor's will; this command, however, which at the present time he was laying upon him, he would never obey. Belisarius then commanded his guards to Cheatong, whereupon Constantinus said: He accordingly drew the Chezting which hung by his thigh Chrating suddenly thrust it at the belly of Belisarius. And he in consternation stepped back, and by throwing his arms around Bessaswho was standing near, succeeded in escaping the blow. Then Constantinus, still boiling with anger, made after him; but Ildiger and Inn, seeing what was being done, laid hold of his hands, one of the right and Cheatingg other of the left, and dragged him Chheating.

    And at wivves point the guards entered whom Belisarius had summoned a moment before, snatched the dagger of Constantinus from his hand with great violence, and seized him amid a great uproar. At the moment they did him no harm, out of respect, I suppose, to the officers present, but led him away to another room at the command of Belisarius, and at a somewhat later time put him to death. This was the only unholy deed done by Belisarius, hCeating it was in no way worthy of the character of the man; for he always shewed great gentleness in his treatment of all others. But it had to be, as I have said, that evil should befall Constantinus. Procopius simply mentions Belisarius and Antonina's return to Constantinople in Belisarius had been recalled to participate in a new war against the Sassanid Empire.

    He also mentions that her lover Theodosius returned with them. His downfall in seems to have been the result of an ongoing rivalry with both Theodora and Belisarius. John and Theodora competed for influence over Justinian and each brought forth accusations concerning their rival's activities. Belisarius had reportedly gained much popular support following his return from the Gothic War and the Cappadocian perceived him as a rival favourite. And it was on him that the hope of the Romans centred as he marched once more against the Persians, leaving his wife in Byzantium. Now Antonina, the wife of Belisarius, for she was the most capable person in the world to contrive the impossiblepurposing to do a favour to the empress, devised the following plan.

    John had a daughter, Euphemia, who had a great reputation for discretion, but a very young woman and for this reason very susceptible; this girl was exceedingly loved by her father, for she was his only child. By treating this young woman kindly for several days Antonina succeeded most completely in winning her friendship, and she did not refuse to share her secrets with her. And on one occasion when she was present alone with her in her room she pretended to lament the fate which was upon her, saying that although Belisarius had made the Roman empire broader by a goodly measure than it had been before, and though he had brought two captive kings and so great an amount of wealth to Byzantium, he found Justinian ungrateful; and in other respects she slandered the government as not just.

    Now Euphemia was overjoyed by these words, for she too was hostile to the present administration by reason of her fear of the empress, and she said: Now if your father were willing, we should most easily organize this project and accomplish whatever God wills. When Antonina learned the mind of John, she wished to lead him as far as possible astray from the understanding of the truth, so she said that for the present it was inadvisable that he should meet her, for fear lest some suspicion should arise strong enough to prevent proceedings; but she was intending straightway to depart for the East to join Belisarius. When, therefore, she had quit Byzantium and had reached the suburb the one called Rufinianae which was the private possession of Belisariusthere John should come as if to salute her and to escort her forth on the journey, and they should confer regarding matters of state and give and receive their pledges.

    In saying this she seemed to John to speak well, and a certain day was appointed to carry out the plan. And the empress, hearing the whole account from Antonina, expressed approval of what she had planned, and by her exhortations raised her enthusiasm to a much higher pitch still. Meanwhile, the empress denounced to her husband the things which were being done by John to secure the tyranny, and she sent Narsesthe eunuch, and Marcellusthe commander of the palace guards to Rufinianae with numerous soldiers, in order that they might investigate what was going on, and, if they found John setting about a revolution, that they might kill the man forthwith and return.

    So these departed for this task. But they say that the emperor got information of what was being done and sent one of John's friends to him forbidding him on any condition to meet Antonina secretly. But John since it was fated that he should fare illdisregarding the emperor's warning, about midnight met Antonina, close by a certain wall behind which she had stationed Narses and Marcellus with their men that they might hear what was said. There, while John with unguarded tongue was assenting to the plans for the attack and binding himself with the most dread oaths, Narses and Marcellus suddenly set upon him.

    Antonina (wife of Belisarius)

    But in the natural confusion which resulted the body-guards of John for they stood close by came immediately to his side. And one of them smote Marcellus with his sword, not knowing who he was, and thus John was enabled to escape with them, and reached the city with all speed. And if he had had the courage to go straightway before the emperor, I believe that he would have suffered no harm at his hand; but as it was, he fled for refuge to the sanctuary, and gave the empress opportunity to work her will against him at her pleasure.

    So after she had completed this transaction and felt a much greater confidence in the friendship of the Empress, she sent Theodosius to Ephesus and herself, foreseeing no obstacle, set out for the East. For whereas Antonina had recently laid snares for one enemy for her, the Cappadocian, and had betrayed him, she herself delivered over to Antonina a host of men and brought about their destruction without even a charge having been brought against them. But her affair with Theodosius caused a strain in their relations. Her lack of discretion led to a public confrontation. Her relations with Photius had reportedly also deteriorated. Belisarius was able to convince Photius to act as his own agent.

    Whereupon he, counting all other things as of no importance, led his army back. For it so happened that certain other things too, as related by me previously, had occurred in the army which influenced him to this retreat. This information, however, led him much more quickly to the decision. And he kept her under guard in disgrace, and though he many times set about destroying her, his heart was softened, being vanquished, as it seems to me, by a Want to have some drinks in watampone of flaming-hot love. But they say that it was also through her magic arts that he was brought under the control of the woman and immediately undone.

    She summoned both Belisarius and Antonina back to Constantinople. Then turned her wrath on various "intimates" of Belisarius and Photius. The couple were reconciled on Theodora's order, though the empress still had to find the whereabouts of Theodosius. Photius had abducted the youth and hidden him. She then inflicted sundry servile tortures upon Photius, among others combing his back and his shoulders with many lashes and commanded him to tell where in the world Theodosius and the go-between were. Cheating wives in ioanina he, though being racked with torture, determined to hold fast to his oath; for though he was a sickly person and had in earlier life been dissolute, yet he had been devoted to the care of his body, having experienced neither wanton treatment nor hardship.

    At any rate, he disclosed not one of the secrets of Belisarius. At a later time, however, everything which hitherto had remained secret came to light. Later offering him as a gift to Antonina, allowing the affair to continue. And Antonina was so overjoyed that she at first remained speechless with pleasure, and then she acknowledged that Theodora had done her a great favour, calling her Saviour and Benefactor and Mistress in very truth. And so the Empress detained this Theodosius in the Palace and bestowed upon him luxury and all manner of indulgence, and threatened that she would make him a Roman General after no long time.

    But a sort of justice forestalled her, for he was seized by an attack of dysentery and removed from the world. The emperor Justinian himself caught the plague and there were discussions of an imminent succession. Belisarius and Bouzesboth absent in campaign, reportedly swore to oppose any emperor chosen without their consent. Theodora took offense and had them both recalled at Constantinople to face her judgement. Bouzes was captured upon his return. He would reportedly spend two years and four months late early held in an underground chamber, located below the women's quarters of the palace.

    While eventually released, Procopius suggests that Bouzes continued to suffer from a failing eyesight and ill health for the rest of his life. As for Belisarius, though he was convicted of none of the charges, the Emperor, at the insistence of the Empress, relieved him of the command which he held and appointed Martinus to be General of the East in his stead, and instructed him to distribute the spearmen and guards of Belisarius and all his servants who were notable men in war to certain of the officers and Palace eunuchs. So these cast lots for them and divided them all up among themselves, arms and all, as each happened to win them.

    And many of those who had been his friends or had previously served him in some way he forbade to visit Belisarius any longer. And he went about, a sorry and incredible sight, Belisarius a private citizen in Byzantium, practically alone, always pensive and gloomy, and dreading a death by violence. But Antonina prevented any reappointment to the eastern front, which brought painful memories to her. Procopius allows some glimpses as to her movements. She was at Portus inCroton in lateand Hydruntum in She was then sent to Constantinople.

    Her mission was to press on the need for reinforcements for the Gothic War. She arrived to find Theodora had already died. She instead convinced Justinian to recall Belisarius. The latter was a grandson of Theodora. In earlyAntonina broke up this marriage. And from this act she [Antonina] won a great reputation for ingratitude among all mankind, yet when her husband arrived, she had no difficulty in persuading him to share with her in this unholy business. Consequently the man's character was openly revealed at that time. The Patria of Constantinoplea later source, mentions that Antonina outlived Belisarius.

    Which would make her still alive in She reportedly went to live with Vigilantiasister of Justinian. She supposedly persuaded Vigilantia to build a church dedicated to Procopius of Scythopolis. The same late source gives Antonina the title zoste patrikia. If accurate, she would be the first known holder of this title. A number of later historians have accepted this. But the lack of other evidence on the matter, renders this doubtful. He served as the secretary and legal adviser of Belisarius from and He then went on to become a member of the Byzantine Senate. He must have known Antonina intimately and his position would allow him to chronicle the activities of both women. In fact, his Secret History seems to have started with Antonina as his main target.

    The initial chapters focuses on Antonina. Only later chapters start targeting Theodora and Justinian. As you can tell, I'm quite hilarious and intelligent; you must be too. If you're interested in me still, and think you've got what it takes, reply to this with your picture. It would also help if you put the name of the TV show the title of this posting is from as the subject. You have beautiful eyes, gorgeous redhair and a beautiful smile as well. I would love to get to know you. Give me a sign you might be interested as well.

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    I asked Diaz about that, and he said: Tomorrow is another day.

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